The Commune


Dewi Kruijk

Johan Viladrich

Johan Viladrich is a multidisciplinary designer working across the fields of interior, product and industrial design.

In his work he concentrates on creating tangible projects that combine a refined aesthetic with a sensible choice of materials. 
He is set to design transparent structures in which details and connections become the intrinsic parts of a whole.

Most importantly, Johan aims to rid objects of superfluous elements and to develop an essential form of design.

Zsófi Ujhelyi

Mind's Eyes High creates ideas and solutions that lead beyond the world of materialism. We merge design thinking with the wisdom of science, religion and philosophy.

Daeun Lim

Pleun van Dijk

With her eyes wide open Pleun is a young multidisciplinary artist/designer in the middle of the moving and changing world. By observing and analyzing moments of transition within society she tries to create new thoughts and show a different perspective on a topic. By taking new ideas out of the abstract and giving shape to a possible outcome she wants to give the viewer the possibility to anticipate on the new developments before they sneak up on us.

Alexandra David

Sarah Amrani

Visual artist, currently based in Rotterdam The Netherlands. Graduated this year from 

Willem de Kooning Academy, department Lifestyle Design, I consider myself

at the moment a visual research artist working with different mediums to create, visualise and 

communicate a narrative or critique. With an interest in visual culture I use photography, video 

and found footage in researching female cultural identity, representation and beauty ideals. 

My own female perspective and mixed cultural background (half Moroccan and 

half Dutch) are often a starting point in visually and theoretically researching these bigger themes. 

Nacor Martina

Nacor is a graphic designer. He builds charismatic visual identities, together with iconic typography, lettering or calligraphy. Graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in Man and Communication, Nacor  has an background in electrical engineering and industrial design and is always looking for a way to better integrate this into his graphic work.

Cox Janssens

Conform Cox is the design studio of Cox Janssens, alumna of Design Academy Eindhoven. Cox has a wide interest and likes to be socially involved. She loves to observe human behaviour, question norms and discover paradoxes. In her work, she often uses humour and makes unexpected connections to show different points of view. She strives for relevance and lightness through in-depth research and conceptual thinking, preferably in collaboration with people that work in other disciplines. Illustrations and patterns are an important factor in execution. Cox isn’t afraid to touch upon sensitive topics, because that is how something positive can change.

Maxime Benvenuto

Within his studio he deals with research, concept, space and products, in order to deliver sensitive projects that make sense to be. 

He investigates sensitive observation with a strong knowledge human sciences such as sociology, philosophy, psychology, anthropology or geo-politics… He filters and analyses information to understand how our society(ies) and culture(s) relate to the observed topics, and in order to understand how it can be smartly put into use for people. To do so, one of the main tools he uses is writing, which allows him to first talk about content before aesthetics.

He then develops projects conveying emotions and contents through colours, materials, forms and text, with a specific care for details, so that it can embed into ones' daily life. 

In the end, his approach is more the one of a behaviourist and a structuralist, studying how human kind relates to its environments and cultures.

He believes that design is something that has to be deeply engaged into daily life, which means that it is not limited only to shaping furniture and space, but that it has to be a way of living and thinking. Design is according to him a practice that allows cross fields connections that allow to come up with new solutions, including both ethical as well as aesthetic values to the project. Therefore, design is as much about living rooms, as it is about politics for instance.

In this way, his works aim to implement new proposals which can influence not only personal but also global structures.