The Commune


Developing a co-working space and empowering a community lay the basis for designers to meet and collaborate around common beliefs or interests. From there, projects can start in time and space. The Commune goes one step further and activates opportunities for a dense relationship between designers, makers and users by commissioning its members with a Mission.

The young designers can immediately apply their new skills and knowledge while contributing to the social development of the city. They connect with the field, investigate, prototype, and get ideas out in the world. 

New West

New West is the first mission of The Commune. It promotes social companies and associations fostering innovation and social inclusiveness in West Rotterdam.

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New West sheds light on projects and people’s actions, events, profiles and values. Its online platform is designed to show their strengths to the public and to future partners.New West certifies a high level of commitment and social innovation thanks to a label, granted to applicants according to a set of specific criteria. This label symbolises the values and identity of West Rotterdam, and guarantees the commitment of the awarded companies and associations.

New West is an initiative from The Commune. It was made possible thanks to BankGigo Lotterij Fonds and is supported by CityLab010, an initiative from the Municipality of Rotterdam.